Welcome to Haze and Co.

Be part of Hazel’s salad dressing EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

Make salads fun again with the unique creations by ‘Haze and Co.’

You’ll be craving salads!

Transform your salad from merely nutritious to very delicious. “This is quite possibly the best dressing I’ve ever had” is a common reaction from people who have tried our dressings.

Our Guarantee: PURE AND SIMPLE! All dressings are made with the freshest and most natural ingredients. No preservatives, chemicals, or artificial flavors. TASTE THE DIFFERENCE!

Additional Features:

  • NO water added
  • Low sodium
  • Low cholesterol
  • Gluten free (except Ginger-Lime)
  • MORE FLAVOR – use less. No more soggy salads.
  • Excellent for cooking and grilling

**Now using Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese , JD Country Milk , Cruze Dairy, and Baker’s Creek Honey in some of our dressings!!! Kenny’s, JD, Cruze, and Baker’s Creek are local and their products are natural and farm fresh!


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Haze & Co.

1430 Grainger Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37917

Phone: (865) 851-9989


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